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Agropolis International scientific committee

A consultative board intending to identify priorities for research, higher education and key partners considering economical as well as social issues.

A place to exchange views and discuss on scientific issues

The scientific committee was created in 2006 as a consultative board. Its members are independent of the institutes, and can freely debate on scientific themes independently of institutional point of views.
The scientific committee identifies the themes to discuss and gives conclusions and recommendations.

Mission and activities

The scientific committee leads analysis and gives a multidisciplinary counsel on major issues related to the scientific activity. It gives advice on the organisation of the scientific community on collective matters.

Main activities:

  • Stimulating relationships between scientific bodies
  • Exploring challenges for scientific and economic issues
  • Monitoring studies, notably on foresight analysis
  • Sharing information and expertise


A board of leading scientists from different academic fields

The scientific committee is made up of:

  • 19 senior scientists working in different research fields on the themes related to of agriculture, food, bioverdiversity and environment (integrative biology, ecology, water resources, social sciences, food and health, agriculture);
  • 3 specialists in innovation and technology transfer;
  • 4 senior scientists from an another region;
  • and the Chair of Agropolis Fondation Science Council.



The scientific committee meets 4 times per year. It reviews the achievements (studies, brainstorming, recommendations) and decides on priority projects.
Its members can monitor working groups and appeal to scientists from the community if needed.



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