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About Agropolis International

The Association Agropolis International was founded in Montpellier 24 January 1986 by the research and higher education institutes located in Montpellier and the Occitanie area working in the field of agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment, with the support of the government and local authorities.

This platform is open to the development of the Mediterranean and Southern countries; it also gathers a large range of stakeholders and partners of the economic development and from the civil society.

5 main missions

  • Facilitating access to the skills and ressources of the scientific community

  • Providing a platform for building and coordinating new international partnerships

  • Being at the interface between the stakeholders of the economic development and innovation issues

  • Supporting the dialogue between science and society

  • Providing a place for exchanges and the reception of partners, a common house for the regional scientific community involved in agriculture – food – biodiversity – environment issues.


The members

Agropolis International comprises 41 member institutions

With 24 scientific institutions, 4 local authorities and representatives of the economic development and the civil society, Agropolis International is an original and unique place for exchanges and building up partnerships

List of members



Executive Board

Services and tools

  • Promoting the skills of the scientific community (portals, thematic directories …)

  • Providing services for the organization of national and international events

  • Supporting interinstitutional and common projects (management, coordination…)

  • Supporting the activities of member institutions (service for the reception of delegations, assistance to visiting scientists, management of specific projects…)


The staff

A team of 14 persons

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Agropolis International history

Agropolis International since 1986

Agropolis, the begining of the story with Louis Malassis, the visionary founder (in French)

Agropolis International members
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Eric Fargeas
Tel : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 45

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