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Development of tools for analyzing grapevine canopy functioning

1. Ensuring top quality, high quantity production

1. Ensuring top quality, high quantity production

3D model of the canopy structure.G.Louarn © UMR LEPSE The crop canopy is a site of mass and energy exchanges between the plant and atmosphere. There is high microclimatic heterogeneity in this complex environment. Many studies have shown that the grapevine canopy structure affects the yield via its effects on light interception, photosynthesis and transpiration. It also affects grape ripening and the harvested grape quality by modulating the fruit lighting and temperature conditions. In a given environment, adapting this structure to meet different wine production objectives (red wine for aging, low alcohol wine, grape must for fruit juice production, etc.) is a current major agricultural challenge.

The studies are based on 3D plant structure representation methods with the aim of developing analytical tools suitable for investigating the functioning of grapevine canopies. The TOPVINE model was developed for dynamic prediction of the formation of the leaf area and its response to water deficits in different grapevine cultivars. This leaf area is then distributed through a probabilistic description of the space explored by each branch and the position of leaves within the space. By this description, the canopy is viewed as an assembly of branches represented by ‘leaf clouds’.

These tools were tested and compared with canopy functioning indicators that are currently used by industry professionals (e.g. the illuminated leaf area) in a range of different ‘cultivar x cropping system’ combinations representative of Côtes du Rhône vineyards. The results of these initial simulations highlighted the close interaction between the grapevine architecture and the cropping system in terms of the radiation balance, which was not discernible with the indicators used to date.

Contact(s) :
Éric Lebon,

Publication date : 30/05/2010


Louarn G, Lecoeur J, Lebon E. 2008. A 3D reconstruction model of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) simulating canopy structure variability within and between cultivars/training system pairs. Annals of Botany 101: 1167-1184.
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Louarn G, Dauzat J, Lecoeur J, Lebon E. 2008 Influence of Trellis system and shoot positioning on light interception and distribution in two grapevine cultivars with different architectures- an original approach based on 3D canopy modelling. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 14:143-152

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