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Innovation and international issues

Agropolis International supports regional stakeholders dealing with innovation issues.

Relationship and partnership with business parks and clusters

Agropolis International has developed numerous relationships and partnerships with business parks and clusters, mainly in the Mediterranean area.

Business parks and clusters
Partners name Town, Country

Barcelona Science Park / Parc Científic de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
Parc technologique agroalimentaire de Lerida / Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida Lerida, Spain
Parc technologique de Padano  à Milan / Parco Technologico Padano Lodi, Italy
Technopôle de Bizerte
Bizerte, Tunisia
Tehnopôle de Medenine Medenine, Tunisia
Agrotechnopôle d’Agadir
Agadir, Morocco
Oslo Teknopol Oslo, Norway
Agrobiopole Wallon ABSL Gembloux, Belgium


 Partnership in European projects on the theme of innovation

Agropolis International represents regional stakeholders in European projects dealing with networks of business parks and clusters.

Two examples :

 ‘European Network for integrating novel technologies for food processing’ (HighTech Europe project) 2009-2013

 The European network of clusters in agro-biotechnologies (ABC Network project 2006-2008)

Support to competitiveness clusters

Agropolis International supports a competitiveness cluster with a governmental label :


Agropolis International is hosting Qualiméditerranée offices.


Support to Agropolis Scientific Park

Agropolis International collaborates with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole for the management of the Agropolis Scientific Park. The aim is to improve the quality of services and to inscrease the number of settings up

Agropolis is a member of IASP (International Association of Science Parks)

Supporting Agropolis Scientific Park

About Agropolis Scientific Park



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