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Foreign Laboratories without walls from South research organisations in Agropolis International (Montpellier, France) to develop strategic partnership with Europe in cutting-edge technologies


Host foreign laboratory to stimulate strategic collaborations by linking agencies from overseas and European scientific community.
By posting senior scientists in cutting-edge teams located in France and Europe, the establishment of Laboratories without walls aims to:

  • Conduct advanced research to generate innovations
  • Identify and develop scientific collaboration through innovation networks
  • Increase the competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural production


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Global scale: Cooperating to meet international challenges beyond borders

Multilateral relationship: Looking beyond your own interests and combine them with those of others

Cross-looking: Integrating foreign researcher within the European community to encourage emergence of new problematics

Dynamic approach: Participative collaboration

Collaborate: Working towards convergent and complementary agendas to optimize human and financial resources
Scientific collaboration to academic mobility

Thematic areas

  • Local dynamics & territorial development
  • Organisational innovations
  • Natural resources management
  • Technologies for conservation and sustainable management of the environment
  • Agrifood and agroindustrial technologies
  • Emerging technologies
  • Advanced biology and molecular plant-microorganism interactions
We want our EMBRAPA researchers, and not just our students, to ‘rub shoulders’ with leading top-notch scientific research teams in programs that are at the cutting-edge, each in its specific field, as regards new technologies and


Eliseu Alves & Francisco Reifschneider (EMBRAPA)

The Labintex programme of INTA in France is a strategic action because it allows Argentina to be positioned on cutting-edge research by cooperating with european partners.

Carlos Casamiquela (INTA Chair in 2012)

Establishing Labex UPM in France has provided a good International
partnership platform for UPM synergize innovation and advancement
via research collaboration, academic development with foreign

Shaufique Fahmi Sidique (LABEX UPM, 2016)


For more than 15 years...


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Labex Europe EMBRAPA (Brazil)


Labintex INTA (Argentina)


Labex UPM (Malaysia)

... more to come from West Africa, Asia...


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