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Take a glance at the events organised by Agropolis International Association and its members and also events of interest for the general public.

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International conference «Recent progress in drought tolerance : from genetics to modelling »

Date : June 08, 2015 to June 09, 2015
Location : Le Corum, Montpellier, France

The conference is at the crossroad of plant and crop physiology, genetics and breeding. It aims at presenting an accurate view on recent advances in the mechanisms associated with plant response to water deficit, on these mechanisms phenotyping, on their genetic variability and on the modelling of relevant allelic effects on plant behavior under changing climates. A large space will be dedicated to discussion, with two forums on opportunities and limits of breeding for drought tolerance, and the link between upstream disciplines and breeding. This will foster dialogue between academic and private sector, young scientist and senior breeders, initiatives from the Northern regions where the impact of climate change is becoming visible and the developing countries that already face drought-prone conditions. This conference is jointly organized by the DROPS (FP7 EU project) and the sections Cereals, maize and sorghum of Eucarpia. It will present results obtained in the project DROPS and in related projects.


Contact :  F. Tardieu (INRA, France)



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Nathalie Villeméjeanne
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 68

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