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Sustainable Intensification Conference 2017 'Biodiversity and ecological engineering for sustainable intensification of agriculture' - Final meeting CERES projects

Date : April 27, 2017
Location : Dakar, Sénégal

CERES is a joint initiative of Fondazione Cariplo and Agropolis Fondation aimed at supporting collaborative research in the agri-food sector, particularly on cereals. Funded projects are jointly carried out by researchers from France, Italy, as well as from emerging and developing countries and designed to contribute towards sustainable cereal production and consumption systems. CERES contributes to knowledge sharing and scientific capacity building and is expected to facilitate research uptake in this field. Given its focus on research activities that might improve agricultural productivity and livelihoods in rural communities, the Conference represents an ideal context to present the achievements of the CERES projects, addressing the following sustainable development issues related to cereal: (1) Increasing demand for plants and plant by-products for food and non-food uses; (2) Interaction between climate change and crops; (3) Prevention and management of risks related to crop and food systems.




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Nathalie Villeméjeanne
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 68

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