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Nathalie Villeméjeanne
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Seminar "Development Ethics or How and Why to Evaluate Paradigms of Development" with Lori Keleher/New Mexico State University Department of Philosophy

Date : June 07, 2016
Location : Agropolis International, Montpellier, 10h-12h

Development Ethics, or the ethical reflection on the ends and means of development (Crocker 1998), is an increasingly popular field. The roots of development ethics can be traced back to the 1940s, but the phrase Development Ethics” was first used in the 1970s by the American philosopher, Denis Goulet (who was heavily influence by French economist Louis-Joseph Lebret). Goulet set the agenda for much of development ethics in 1971 when he introduced the critical distinction between worthwhile development and ethically unacceptable mal-development. To assert definitively what qualifies as worthwhile development vs. mal development within development would be to beg a central question of development ethics. But there is general agreement among development ethicists that worthwhile development promotes human well being, and that mal development diminishes well being. Thus, a situation in which GDP rises, but human well being is diminished would be considered mal development. The presentation begins with a brief introduction to the field of development ethics, followed by a similarly brief explanation of the role of the philosopher within development ethics. I then provide a demonstration of the philosopher at work in development ethics by engaging the concept of development. Seminar organized by CIRAD, Inra, Montpellier SupAgro and IRDwith the support of Agropolis International.


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Nathalie Villeméjeanne
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 68

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