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2 700 research scientists and teachers
500 people on long-term assignments in 60 partner countries
74 research units


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Overview on research

At the heart of the scientific community of Montpellier and the “Languedoc-Roussillon area”, a large range of expertise in the area of agriculture, food, environment and biodiversity

Research units and laboratories

74 research units corresponding to Agropolis International issues related to "agriculture-food-biodiversity-environment" 
List of research units of Agropolis International scientific community

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Les dossiers d'Agropolis International "Les Dossiers d'Agropolis"

This series is a publication issued by Agropolis International within its mission for the promotion of the scientific community skills. Each series which is a directory of skills, is dedicated to a major scientific issue.

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Organization and structuring of the national agricultural research


The French Institute for Agronomy, Forestry and Veterinary Science (IAVFF) is a French public consortium for cooperation. It continues Agreenium’s work.
The members of IAVFF-Agreenium are leading organizations in agronomic research and higher education, exceptionally well-placed to participate at the international level in the fields of Agriculture, Food, Animal health and the Environment.
This consortium was created in response to global demographic, environmental and energy issues. It aims at pooling the members skills to meet these challenges at the international level, in both industrialized and developing countries. This partnership will help develop new models for agriculture, food and sustainable management of resources and land, in both industrialized and developing countries, through scientific output and innovation, training and knowledge-sharing.

Members of the consortium:
14 higher education institutes: AgroCampus Ouest - AgroParisTech - AgroSup Dijon - Bordeaux Sciences Agro - ENFA - ENGEES - ENSP - ENVA - ENVT - INP Toulouse (ENSAT) -MontpellierSupAgro - ONIRIS - University of Lorraine (ENSAIA and ENSTIB) - Vet AgroSup
4 research institutes: ANSES - CIRAD - INRA - Irstea

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Web portal of public research in the Languedoc-Roussillon region

Information and contacts to implement R&D projects.

A web portal for business development


The Euraxess Services Centre in Languedoc-Roussillon,

managed since 2004 by Agropolis International, has been transferred to the “International Office” of COMUE LRU in Montpellier, as from 27th February, 2017.

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An overview of training and education opportunities

At the heart of the scientific community of Montpellier and the "Languedoc-Roussillon area", a comprehensive and diversified training system in the area of agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment

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Chantal Salson
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 49

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