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Project management and partnership building



Projects funded by local authorities: ‘Decentralised Cooperation’

Water management and rural territories development in Chile
Aquaculture, business park and food systems in Tunisia
Food systems and agro-business park in Morocco

Projects funded by French ministries

Which research and which partnership for the Mediterranean area? (ARP PARME 2010-2011)

Projects funded by other resources

Cooperation with the National Advanced School of Agronomy (ENSA) of Algiers
SAMAQQ study 'Food Security Across the Mediterranean: A Quantitative and Qualitative forecast to 2030'

Projects funded by European Union or International institutions

The Embrapa Labex Europe, ‘LABoratório no EXterior' -Laboratory Abroad- (Brazil)

LABINTEX - Virtual Laboratories of INTA (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria – Argentina)

European Network of Innovation and Technology in the Agricultural and Food Sectors (RED-ITAA project) 2011-2013

‘Activity and Food for Regional Economies Supporting Health’ (Afresh project) 2010-2013

‘European Network for integrating novel technologies for food processing’ (HighTech Europe project) 2009-2013

'INPROFOOD, Towards sustainable food research' 2011 - 2013

European Project "Feeding the planet – European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage" 2012-2014

Supporting organisations and networks

Hosted websites and organisations


Projects funded by local authorities: ‘Decentralised Cooperation’

Sustainable development in China (ARCUS 2006-2010) decentralised cooperation with China

Projects funded by French ministries or agencies

Toward an integrated water resources management: implementations in the Limpopo, Mekong and Niger river basins (ECHEL-Eau project 2005-2010)
Promoting sustainable development in agricultural research systems (DURAS project 2005-2008) (external link)

Projects funded by European Union or international agencies

The European network of clusters in agro-biotechnologies (ABC Network project 2006-2008)
‘Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management’ (MEDA-ISIIMM project 2003-2008) (external link)
Argan Research and development Project in Morocco ( MEDA-ADS Argan project 2005-2007)




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