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Key figures

5000 trainees and students
160 training programmes
(2 to 8 years of higher education :technician, ingénieur, BSc, MSc, PhD)
100 professional modules
4 universities and 9 écoles d'ingénieurs and Grandes Ecoles (higher education institutes)
2700 researchers and lecturers

43 libraries and documentation centers


Life sciences Health Agronomy Biotechnologies Agriculture Forestry Water Environment Animal production and health Integrative Biology Environmental technologies Food technologies Food : dietary and health issues Crop diversity Aquatic ecosystems Water and environment Population biology Social sciences


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List of PhD courses

Courses classed by admission level


Entrance requirements Level title Institution (s) More
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole doctorale Biodiversité, Agriculture, Alimentation, Environnement, Terre, Eau (GAIA – ED 584) - fusion de l'ED SIBAGHE-ED477 et l'ED SPSA-ED 306
AgroParisTech, ENSCM, IMT Mines Alès, Montpellier SupAgro, UM site
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole Doctorale Développement et dynamiques spatiales, transfrontalières et inter-culturelles (ED INTERMED-ED 544)
UPVD site
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole Doctorale Economie et gestion (ED EDEG)
Montpellier SupAgro, UM, UPVM Montpellier Business School site
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole Doctorale Energie et environnement (ED E2)
UPVD site
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole Doctorale Information, Structures et Systèmes (ED I2S - ED 166)
UM site
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole Doctorale Sciences Chimiques et Biologiques pour la Santé (ED CBS2 - ED168)
UM, Montpellier SupAgro, ENSCM site
BAC+5 BAC+8 Ecole Doctorale Territoires, temps, sociétés et développement (ED TTSD)
UPVM Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Montpellier site


AgroParisTech Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences
EMA École des Mines d'Alès
Montpellier SupAgro International Center for Higher Education in Agriculture Sciences
UM Montpellier University
U Nîmes Nîmes University
UPVM University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
UPVD Via Domitia Perpignan University


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Chantal Salson
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 49

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