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Agropolis has been created in Montpellier in January 1986, to favour the synergy between higher education and research institutes, and improve their visibility at the international level.

From the begining, the association has been involved in the process of structuring the scientific community and organizing the agricultural research for developmentt (ARD).

Today, the association gathers the largest world concentration of skills and expertise in the fields of agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment, with a focus on the development of Mediterranean and tropical regions.

Over the past 30 years, Agropolis International has gained a recognized broad experience and know-how in terms of: promotion of competences, interinstitutional go-between and coordination, collective project management or partnership building.

30 years later, Agropolis International is made of 24 scientific institutions, 5 local public authorities and several stakeholders involved in the economic development and civil society issues. Agropolis International is a unique and outstanding place for exchanges and the building up of collective actions. Agropolis issues from the common will of political bodies and personalities to offer Montpellier and its region several institutes working in the same direction. This research, training, technological and cultural transfer cluster is the result of a long story.


"I briefly recall the basic ideas at the origins of Agropolis' creation:

  • To organize new relations between universities, high schools and research centers ;
  • To create new scientific synergies and facilitate hosting and training possibilities to students and trainees ;
  • To offer a set of common services: science park, new campus, students residences, library, museum, technology transfer units, new communication and information technologies, together with the settlement on the campus of an hotel and a travel agency;
  • To present an attractive option for industry (project Agropolis – Lez Valley) ;
  • To be recognized as an international hub with strong Mediterranean and tropical influences, beyond the influence of each of its component.
According to his own opinion, everyone will judge the results obtained and what should have be done or not."

Louis Malassis, August 2000


January 24th 1986, signature of Agropolis founding charter

Signature de la charge fondatrice d'Agropolis



1. Louis Malassis
2. Paul Raynaud (ENSA.M -Montpellier SupAgro)
3. René Cano (Montpellier 2 university)
4. ( Montpellier 1 University)
5. Pierre Besançon ( Montpellier 2 University)
6. Charles Ribaut (CNFDCI)
7. Claude Jouin (ENGREF -AgroParisTech-)
8. Raymond Huet (CIRAD)
9. Jean-Pierre Frémeaux (Agropolis)
10. Jacques Claude (ORSTOM -IRD)
11. Philippe Masson (Perpignan University)
12. Christian Durante (CNRS)
13. Roland Perez (CIHEAM/IAM.M)
14. Marcel Girard (CNEARC -Montpellier SupAgro)
15. Jean-Paul Hébert (SIARC)




«It was necessary to ease the exchange of information and common actions in a world where science is more and more complicated and implies interdisciplinarity. We wanted to develop a synergy », recalls Louis Malassis.

Agropolis was born on January 24th, 1986, supported by 17 institutions.

25 years later, Agropolis International is made of 25 scientific institutions, 4 local public authorities and several stakeholders involved in economic development, Agropolis International is a unique and outstanding place for exchanges and the building up of collective actions. Agropolis is ensued from the mutual will of political powers and personalities to offer to Montpellier and its region several institutes working in the same direction. This research, training, technological and cultural transfers pole is the result of a long story.

Agropolis, the beggining of the story with Louis Malassis,the visionary founder (in French) >>

The men who built Agropolis

7 Presidents:

Louis Malassis

Louis Malassis, Founding President


Alfred-Philippe Conesa (1992-1996)


Michel de Nucé de Lamothe (1996-2001)

Gérard Matheron


Gérard Matheron (2001-2006)

Henri Carsalade


Henri Carsalade (2006-2009)


Bernard Hubert (2009-2017)


Jean-Luc KHALFAOUI (2018-2019)


Patrick Caron (2019- ... )


6 Directors :


Jean-Pierre Frémeaux


François Martin


Martin Weiss


Michel Salas


Paul Luu


Eric Fargeas
(since sept 2013)


Agropolis International, the common house

Agropolis International

1991: Agropolis International and Agropolis Museum scale models

2011: site photo



Agropolis in a few dates


First meeting EIARD (European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development) in Montpellier: creation of EFARD (European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development)


Agropolis International operates the secretariat of the The French Commission for international agricultural research (CRAI)


Setting up in Montpellier of agricultural research centers


Creation of Agropolis association
 Agropolis science park
Building of Agropolis Science Park


Annual meeting of the CGIAR in Montpellier
Building of Agropolis International students residence
Agropolis students residence


Creation of the NATURA network in partnership with Wageningen University (the Netherlands), gathering the European research and higher education expertises in the field of agriculture for development
network natura


Creation of the French office of ICRA (International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture), located in Agropolis International premises as from 1994


Building of Agropolis International
bâtiment Agropolis International


and Agropolis-Museum
Agropolis Museum


Settlement of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service) and CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Division of Entomology European Laboratory) on the International campus of Agropolis Montferrier-Baillarguet


Inauguration of the House of Remote Sensing
House of Remote Sensing
©Maison de la Télédétection


Creation of Agropolis Productions, Agropolis International's subsidiary, in charge of the audiovisual production for the scientific community. Since 2001, it specializes in the scientific editing, communication and multimedia.
Agropolis Production


Participation of Agropolis to the programmes of decentralized cooperation of the Hérault General Council


Agropolis International manages the
French Scientific Committee on Desertification (CSFD) - Its secretariat is based as from 2004 in Agropolis
Creation and setting up in Agropolis of the Embrapa LABEX Europe(Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária, Brazil)


Signing of a framework agreement with the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs


Creation ot the competitiveness cluster Qualiméditerranée


Creation of Agropolis Fondation, gathering 13 thematic advanced research networks on «Agriculture Research and Sustainable Development» – set up in Agropolis International
Agropolis Fondation
Modification of the statutes : Agropolis Association becomes Agropolis International



Creation of the Euraxess Services Center in Languedoc Roussillon labellized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (guest-researchers office)
Centre de Euraxess center





GCARD 2010 (Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development) in Montpellier
GCARD 2010
Organization of the XIIIème IAALD world congress (International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists)
Organization of AGRO 2010 - the scientific week around agronomy and the XI European Society Congress (ESA) congress
Management of the European Society for Agronomy (ESA) by Agropolis International
European Society for Agronomy ESA


Setting up of the CGIAR Consortium in Agropolis International
CGIAR Consortium
25th anniversary of Agropolis International!


Official launching of LABINTEX programme of INTA (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria – Argentina) at Agropolis International - Montpellier (France), November 29-30th, 2012


International Encounters « Family Farming & Research» , Montpellier, 1- 3 June 2014

Inauguration of the new CGIAR Consortium headquarters (June 2,2014)


Kyoto University (Japan) and Agropolis International in Montpellier (France) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote academic cooperation and student exchange which includes joint research projects and publications as well as short term programs and visits.


More informations >>

Universite de Kyoto

2015 (May)

Agropolis International and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), over five years, in order to strengthen and promote research and development co-operation related to the following issues: sustainable agri-food value chain, climate change and agriculture, Food security issues in South East Asia and any other areas of common interest.


More informations >>

UPM, Malaisie

2015 (June)

A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Brazilian organizations supporting a cluster in Campinas based on Agropolis International model. The official launch of Brazilian “Agropolo” took place in September 2015 in Campinas.

More informations >>

Agropolo, Bresil


Agropolis International celebrates the 30th anniversary of its creation
Agropolis International


A lively image

The logos over 25 years

logos Agropolis International


Information over 25 years
lettre Agropolis
journal d'Agropolis

Lettre internationale d'Agropolis

Published from october 2008 to november 2015

In 2008, the "Agropolis International Newsletter" is published in French and English.

3 to 4 annual issues.

Printed in 1 500 copies

Download the "Agropolis International Newsletter" >>


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