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agronomy crop cropping systems
managing pests pesticide use inputs
agricultural systems
challenge of agriculture
innovation plant (annual,perennial,...)
tropical and Mediterranean area environmental footprint of farming

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13 multidisciplinary research units
300 researchers and teacher-researchers
19 diploma courses
25 short training-education programmes

Thematic directory Agropolis

Download the agronomy thematic file " n° 12 (July 2010, 68 p.)

agronomy thematic file

E-learning course

E-learning course on the agronomic and environmental impacts of organic matter management , is intended for agronomist, environmentalists and waste processing operators. It is offered throught the Université Virtuelle Environnement et Développement (UVED) and can be incorporated in an MSc or PhD programme.

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Expertise of the scientific community related to Agronomy - crops and cropping systems > Resources : research units involved and their publications...


Agronomy Research Expertise in Montpellier and Languedoc-Roussillon (South of France)

Agronomy : crops and cropping systems

Resources in Montpellier and Languedoc-Roussillon : Research units, training, networks and more...

13 research units
300 researchers and teacher-researchers,
100 PhD

The research on crops and cropping systems is a key area of excellence of the Agropolis International scientific community.
Agropolis agronomists are striving to come up with sustainable solutions tailored to a range of different biophysical and socioeconomic situations:

  • temperate, Mediterranean and tropical agriculture,
  • large mechanized farms and smallholdings,
  • local food production and cash and export crops,
  • etc

The complementary expertise of these different research teams enables them to deal with the diverse range of complex issues and agricultural situations.


Reseach units and teams involved in Agronomy:crops and cropping systems
Click on the title to see the website Member institutes and partners Scientists number Director Description Publication list
UMR LEPSE : Ecophysiology Laboratory of Plants under Environmental Stress Inra, Montpellier SupAgro 15 Bertrand Muller See the description Publications
UMR SYSTEM : Tropical and Mediterranean Cropping System Functioning and Management
The unit generates knowledge and tools for use in assessing, steering and developing cropping systems.
CIHEAM-IAM.M, Cirad, Inra, Montpellier SupAgro 20 Christian Gary See the description Publications
UMR Eco&Sols : Functional Ecology & Biochemistry of Soils & Agroecosystems (in French) Cirad, Inra, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro 68 Laurent Cournac See the description Publications
UMR INNOVATION : Innovation and Development in Agriculture and the Agri-Food Sector
The processes through which agriculture adapts are founded on technical and organizational innovations, on both a collective and an individual level.
Cirad, Inra, Montpellier SupAgro 50 Guy Faure See the description Publications
UPR AIDA : Conservation Agriculture and Engineering -->Agro-ecology and Sustainable Intensification of Annual Crops
The Annual Cropping Systems (SCA) and Conservation Agriculture and Engineering (SIA) Research Units were merged to form this new unit as of 1 January 2014.
Cirad 13 See the description Publications
UPR GECO : Ecological Functioning and Sustainable Management of Banana and Pineapple Cropping Systems
Although export fruit crops are a major source of jobs and currency, they are now often barely viable, in agronomic, economic or social terms. These fruit monocultures often cause pollution and impoverish the environment. The markets are increasingly competitive and consumers increasingly demanding.
Cirad 22 Luc De Lapeyre de Bellaire See the description Publications
UPR PSCPP : Performance of Tree Crop-Based Systems Cirad 20 Eric Gohet See the description Publications
UMR LISAH : Laboratory for the Study of Interactions between Soil, Agrosystems and Water Systems (in French) Inra, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro 23 Jérôme Molenat See the description Publications
UPR : Recycling and risk
Formerly: Recycling and risk
Cirad 17 Jean-Marie Paillat See the description Publications
UPR HortSys : Agroecological Functioning and Performances of Horticultural Cropping Systems
Inventing an ecologically intensive type of horticulture so as to feed people better: this is a wide-ranging mandate for the unit, whose main aim is to generate and capitalize on knowledge so as to assess and design sustainable horticultural cropping systems.
Cirad 28 Fabrice Le Bellec See the description Publications
UR PSH : Plant and Garden Cropping Systems (in French) Inra Avignon 24 Hélène Gautier See the description
UPR AIDA : Agro-ecology and Sustainable Intensification of Annual Crops
The Annual Cropping Systems (SCA) and Conservation Agriculture and Engineering (SIA) Research Units were merged to form this new unit as of 1 January 2014.
Cirad 56 Eric Scopel See the description Publications
UPR B-AMR : Pests and Diseases: Risk Analysis and Control
Formerly: Controlling Pests and Diseases in Tree Crops Research Unit” UPR Pests and diseases hamper the productivity and sustainability of most crops, and some also affect product quality.
Cirad 21 Christian Cilas See the description Publications

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The "Laboratoires d'excellence" (LabEx) selected by the Ministry of Education and Research "Agronomy and Sustainable Development" (Agro) is led by Agropolis Fondation and focuses on Plants of agronomic interest.
Information on Agropolis web site
Agropolis Fondation website

logo ESA Société européenne d'agronomieAgropolis International managed the secretariat of the European Society for Agronomy (ESA) from 2010 to 2016
Information in the Agropolis International newsletter
ESA European Society for Agronomy website

séminaire agroécologie MontpellierAgroecology monthly cycle of seminars in Montpellier 
Several joint agricultural research units in Montpellier from CIRAD, INRA, IRD and SupAgro have initiated a monthly cycle of seminars and debates, in partnership with Agropolis International, around Agroecology : ecological intensification of cropping systems.
See the page about the Agroecology monthly cycle of seminars in Montpellier, France 



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