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Nitrous oxide emission dependent on soil cover management in agroecosystems in Madagascar

2. Minimizing the impact of cropping on biogeochemical cycles

2. Minimizing the impact of cropping on biogeochemical cycles

Monitoring N2O emissions and key associated parameters in a maize-soybean DMC cropping system SCRiD research station, Madagascar).  - © E. Blanchart In Madagascar, direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems (DMC) have been developed as an alterative to conventional systems based on soil tillage, which are unable to effectively meet the major challenges of land conservation, environmental preservation and food security. DMC systems combine no tillage and organic matter management (crop residue left on the ground in the form of mulch, or live cover crops). Carbon sequestration in the soil and the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide depend on management choices. Many studies, including those conducted by UMR Eco&Sols, have highlighted the high carbon storage potential of DMC systems. Regarding greenhouse gases, it is essential to gain insight into the mechanisms involved in nitrous oxide (N2O) emission and quantify changes induced by management strategies, since the global warming potential of this gas over the next 100 years is 300-fold greater than that of carbon dioxide.

To assess the impact of management strategies on N2O emission, UMR Eco&Sols conducted studies at research sites located in the highland region of Madagascar set up by its local partners, i.e. URP SCRiD (Sustainable Farming and Rice Cropping Systems, CIRAD - FOFIFA - Université d’Antananarivo) and the NGO TAFA (TAny sy FAmpandrosoana/Terre et Développement). The research included in-situ monitoring of gas emissions and soil parameters that could regulate key processes responsible for these emissions. The findings revealed very low N2O emission, its relationship with limited nitrogen stocks in ferrallitic soils, and especially a lack of difference when comparing DMC and conventional tillage systems.

Lydie Chapuis-Lardy,
Jacqueline Rakotoarisoa,
& Tantely Razafimbelo,

Publication date: 30/05/2010


Chapuis-Lardy L., Metay A., Martinet M., Rabenarivo M., Toucet J., Douzet J.M., Razafimbelo T, Rabeharisoa L. & Rakotoarisoa J., 2009. Nitrous oxide emissions from Malagasy agricultural soils. Geoderma 148, 421-427.
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