Agropolis International at the interface of the international agricultural research system

Agropolis International has been involved from a long time and in several ways in the international agricultural and environmental research system.

The French Commission for international agricultural research is the decision-making political tool regarding the international agricultural research. It is the interface on one hand between the research centers, the Agropolis International scientific community and the French ministries involved and, in the other hand, the international research system including CGIAR.

At the European level

Through the French Commission for international agricultural research, Agropolis International develops links and/or cooperations with the following organizations:

  • European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD): facilitates the coordination of European policy and support for Agricultural Research for Development (ARD). It gathers the representatives of the European, Swiss and Norwegian development agencies or Foreign Affairs Ministries and representatives of the European Commission.

  • The ERA-ARD (Agricultural Research for Development Dimension of the European Research Area): is a project funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and will run from 2010 to 2013. The project is a partnership of 17 organizations involved with funding agricultural research for development in 15 European countries, aiming at coordinating policies on agricultural research for development. 

  • AGRINATURA, the European alliance on Agricultural Knowledge for development: is a new alliance formed by 35 European universities and research organizations from 18 European countries working in agricultural research, education, training and capacity strengthening for development. Agrinatura is born from the merging of NATURA (Network of European Agricultural Universities dedicated to Agricultural development) and ECART (European Consortium for Agricultural Research in the Tropics). Agropolis International was at the origins of the creation of NATURA network in 1988, together with Wageningen University (The Netherlands).

  • European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development (EFARD): aims to provide a European multi-stakeholder platform of all relevant ARD stakeholders to promote more effective demand-driven and impact focused ARD through building partnerships, particularly with developing countries. EFARD follows the principles of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), and contributes to GFAR’s Global Plan of Action, in partnerships with the other regional fora of GFAR.


At the worldwide level

Agropolis International establishes partnerships with:

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research: supports stakeholders involved in agricultural research and innovation systems for development.

The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research:

  • From March 2011, Agropolis International has been hosting the CGIAR Consortium headquarters. This allows fostering cooperation between the French scientific community and the international agricultural research system. In this context, Agropolis International manages a consultation group gathering the regional community and the CGIAR Consortium, which aims to share information and debate on the actions to be taken for the benefits of the CGIAR consortium and Agropolis International scientific community.
  • Agropolis International is also hosting the Director of the Challenge Programme « Water and Food » (CPWF), one of the most important transversal programme launched by the CGIAR. This programme has been integrated in February 2012 to the CGIAR Research Programme "Water, Land and Ecosystems".


Past events

GCARD 2012: Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development. Punta del Este, Uruguay (October 29 to November 1st 2012)

Past international events linked to the agricultural research for development held in Montpellier (2010-2012)




CGIAR Consortium Board meeting and meeting of the chairs and directors of the 15 international research centers (February 2012)




EIARD meeting Montpellier 2011


17th EIARD Annual General Meeting
(December 6 -8, 2011)




G20 Montpellier 20111st G20 Conference on Agriculture Research for Development: "Promoting Scientific Partnerships for Food Security" (September 12 - 13, 2011)







CGIAR Consortium 6th Board meeting and meeting of the chairs and directors of the 15 international research centers (may 2011)




CGIAR funders forum

4th meeting of the CGIAR Fund Council(strategic and financial component ) and 2nd Funders Forum meeting (April 2011).



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GCARD 2010: Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (March 28-31, 2010) GCARD 2010 Montpellier





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