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A delegation from the Research Support Foundations (FAPs) for Brazilian States on a visit to Montpellier (October 2011)

FAPs are autonomous public bodies of Brazilian states which draw up, in collaboration with the Brazilian Secretary of State for Science and Technology (SETEC), local and federal public policies on science and innovation. For this purpose, they manage important instruments related to funding, mobility and project calls, and thus have a pivotal role in Brazilian research scene.

With a very clear intention to broaden the global scope of research and higher education in Brazil, the French Embassy in Brazil and CONFAP (Coordination of research support foundations) have organized, for seven* FAPs, a mission in France (including a day in Montpellier), to strengthen or initiate cooperation and determine possible parallels between research and industry.

Prof. Odenildo Teixeira Sena, the president of CONSECTI (National council of secretaries of state for science and technology), was part of the delegation, along with Mr. Eric Bourland, Science Attaché at the French Embassy in Brasilia.

The programme of the Montpellier visit included meetings with institutional officials from Agropolis International, CIRAD, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro, Embrapa-Labex, Montpellier University 2, Agropolis Fondation and IRSTEA (ex-CEMAGREF), as well as with representatives of several research units or project coordinators.

Cooperation spinoffs are expected, including the prevention of water-related risks and spatial information applications for land management. Initiatives to foster researcher and student mobility are also planned, especially through a federal ‘science without borders’ (CSF) programme which is to launch soon.

As an immediate and direct result, a national workshop has been organized in Manaus on December 1- 2, 2011by the CONSECTI and the CONFAP, to present the results of the mission to the whole 25 Faps and to prepare the next steps (identification of possible partnerships, tools and methods for cooperation). During this meeting, a presentation of Agropolis International and its partners was done by two researchers from CIRAD.


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