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‘The inside story of the Food Valley Cluster concept. A lecture about attracting International food companies for clusters and science parks’

July 1, 2013, 14:30-16:30
Agropolis International, Montpellier, France


30 persons attended the conference


Conference speakers



Bernold Kempering

Bernold Kempering (Director foreign investments agro food & biobased industries)
Oost NV * (East Netherlands Development Agency), involved in the setup of the Food Valley cluster.

For the past 25 years Bernold Kemperink build up extensive management experience in the establishment of new business and marketing concepts in the science sectors. He created office facilities and concepts for the Multec company to facilitate the secondment of engineers. Beginning in 1995 he established Brunel Energy, which has since grown to a multinational include offices in Arnhem, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Houston, Singapore, Miri (Malaysia) and Perth. In his current position at the Development Agency East Netherlands he is responsible for all investment and international matchmaking activities in the food-agro sector and the Food Valley region. Since the beginning he is strongly involved in the set up of the Food Valley concept and other business concepts. These concepts include international acquisition, new establishments, expansions and international R&D partnering. In addition he is member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the University Arnhem Nijmegen and closely involved with the development of the Master International Business faculty and the Bachelor IBMS faculty. Since 2006 he is also strongly involved in the setup of the global service repair recycling community for electronics in Europe and is member of the Professional Advisory Board.

Linze Rijswijk

Linze Rijswijk (senior Project manager regional development and innovation)
Oost NV (East Netherlands Development Agency), involved in the setup of the Food Valley cluster.

Economist. Before working as a project manager regional development and innovations at Development Agency East Netherlands he was a business consultant in Agrofood.Currently he also works for the Food Valley organisation in Wageningen. He developed and managed several international innovative cooperation projects in agrofood, linking primary producers, industry and retail with research institutes. As a consultant he worked for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture,Nature and Food Quality, Wageningen University and Research Centre and for several large and smaller food companies. He has experience in coordinating and working within framework program, structural funds projects, and is specialised in public private cooperation schemes.


* Oost NV (East Netherlands Development Agency) is one of the Agropolis International partners' of the European Project "Feeding the Planet - EU Bio Food Clusters on The World Stage", with Parco Technologico de Padano, project coordinated by Lombardy Region.

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