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Looking back on

Conference/Debate: “Agroecology & institutions: challenges, opportunities and examples from Argentina” - With Pablo Tittonell, INTA

March 29, 2016, Agropolis (Montpellier-France)

The speaker has gone into the history of the agroecological movements in science and in practice and referred in particular to current experiences led in Argentina.

Pablo Tittonnell is the Coordinator of the National Program on Natural Resources and Environment at INTA (Argentina) and a member of Agropolis Fondation Scientific Board. He is also a former Chair Professor of the group Farming Systems Ecology at Wageningen University (The Netherlands).

The Conference/Debate has been organized by the joint research unit UMR Innovation, Labintex INTA Europe and Agropolis International on March 29, 2016, at Agropolis International (Montpellier-France)


Pablo TittonellPablo Tittonell

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See the video of the conference/debate

Pablo Tittonell : Agoecology & institutions:challenges, opportunities and examples from Argentina - March 29, 2016, Agropolis from agropolis International on Vimeo.



Also see: Interview with Pablo Tittonell, a specialist in agroecology at Wageningen University (the Netherlands) on the occasion of the 3rd Global Conference on climate smart agriculture organized in Montpellier (12-18 March 2015)

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