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Conference/debate “Social Equity in Agricultural Land Protection” with Harvey M. Jacobs, professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (USA)


Download the presentation of Harvey M. Jacobs, professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (USA)



Harvey M. JacobsThe joint research unit Innovation, within the framework of the multidisciplinary project JASMINN (Agricultural land protection on urban fringes around the Mediterranean: justice issues and innovations in land management) organizes a Conference/debate on “Social Equity in Agricultural Land Protection 25 years Later – A Revisitation in Light of New Social and Spatial Justice Frameworks”

Further information: In 1989, H.M. Jacobs published Social Equity in Agricultural Land Protection (Landscape and Urban Planning, 17, 1: 21-33), exploring how an equity lens brings insight to agricultural land protection policy strategies. Since the article’s publication, public and policy interest in peri-urban agricultural land protection has proliferated globally. In the same period, issues of social justice have also expanded through a focus on matters such as human rights and new environmental perspectives. This paper-presentation revisits and expands upon his 1989 article through an exploration of some of the social and spatial justice frameworks of the last twenty years.


The conference will be held in English

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