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Conference - Debate
Hosted by Eric ANDRIEU, S&D Coordinator for Agriculture and Rural Development

« Rural employment and agricultural models:
Issues and experiences shared from Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa »

European Parliament, Brussels
10th May 2017 - 18h30 (Room ASP3G3)




This event is organised by Agropolis International Association and its members -Bioversity International, CIHEAM/IAM.M, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA, IRD, IRSTEA, Montpellier SupAgro-.

Open to the 750 Euro MPs, European officials of the various DG of the European Commission (Agricultural and Rural Development ; Research & Innovation ; International Cooperation and Development)and to permanent representatives member states.

Objectives of the event :

  • Show the contribution of the scientific community research actions regarding the global issues related to agriculture for development, food security and fight against malnutrition linked to climate change,

  • Highlight the link between science and rural employment directly related to production as well as indirect and induced employment,

  • Present some achievements of the regional Agropolis scientific community in Montpellier, focusing of flagship projects.


Discover the program (program on 03/05/17)


On the occasion, several posters presenting projects of the scientific community will be exhibited:

Name of the project

Web site

NIPN: National Information Platforms for Nutrition: Strenthening capacity to analyse data to track progress, inform policies and improve programmes for better nutrition site web
PROIntensAfrica: Harnessing the potential of various intensification pathways for food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture site web
HNV Link: A European Network on High Nature Value farming. Learning, Innovation, Knowledge site web
An innovative concept: Laboratories Without Walls, an instrument to pave the way to new synergies site web
CoOPLAaGE - Coupling innovative tools for sharing change in socio-environmental systems site web
Digit'Ag: The Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab site web
Increasing agriculture productivity and resilience in West Africa: Dryland cereals improvement strategies in WA for diversified agricultural models and adaptation to changing environments site web
Which agricultural model for youth employment? site web
Initiative 4 pour 1000, les sols pour la sécurité alimentaire et le climat site web
E-SPACE: Improving epidemiosurveillance of Mediterranean and tropical plant diseases site web
Similar social and ecological mechanisms underpin the sustainability of two traditional floodplain fisheries separated by an ocean and by thousands of years of history  
Greater banana diversity contributes to capacity development and improved rural livelihoods in Africa site web

The organization of this conference-debate is being organised by Agropolis, hosted by Eric Andrieu, European Deputy for the South-West constituency of France and S&D Coordinator for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, following his visit to Agropolis International, Montpellier, in May 2015.


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