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Montpellier scientific community is gearing up for the International Year of Forests



Throughout the year, in France and overseas, Montpellier scientific community participates to events, organizes international workshops and exhibitions. It will also meet the general public to raise awareness of tropical forests and the major role they play in our daily lives.









Research units in Montpellier working on forests:

Socio-environmental dynamics and resource governance (IRD)

Tropical Forest Goods and Ecosystem Services: Facing Global Change (CIRAD)

Joint research unit AMAP: Botany and computational plant architecture

Joint research unit CBAE: Bio-Archaeology and Ecology

Joint research unit CEFE: Center for Evolutionary and Functional Ecology

Joint research unit Eco&Sols: Biogeochemistry and functional ecology of soils

Joint research unit TETIS: Territories, Environment, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information

Joint research unit ESPACE

Joint research unit ISEM: Institute of Evolutionary Sciences

Joint research unit LAMETA: Montpellier Laboratory for Theoretical and Applied Economics

Joint research unit LSTM: Tropical & Mediterranean Symbioses Laboratory

AGIRs: Animal and Integrated Risk Management (CIRAD)

GREEN: Renewable resources and environment management (CIRAD)

DGAEF: Genetic Diversity and Breeding of Forest Species (CIRAD)

PVBT: Production and Processing of Tropical Woods (CIRAD)

FPEP: Functioning and Management of Tree-Based Planted Ecosystems (CIRAD)

Joint research unit SYSTEM: Tropical and Mediterranean Cropping System Functioning and Management

PSCP : Performance of Tree Crop-Based Systems (CIRAD)

Biomass and Energy(CIRAD)

Joint research unit ECOFOG: Ecology of the Forests of French Guiana


Training courses on forests

Level Diploma Course title Institute
Bac + 5 European master Sustainable tropical forestry (SUTROFOR) - Specialisation "Environmental management and policies for tropical forests" AgroParisTech
4 universités européennes
Bac + 6 Specialized master Forest, nature and society- Option "tropical" AgroParis Tech
Bac + 6 Engineer IPEF engineer "Forest, nature and society- Option "tropical" AgroParis Tech


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