Jacques Wéry
Organizing Committee president


AGRO2010 - XI ESA congress

The scientific week around agronomy


Date : August 29 - September 3, 2010
Venue : Corum and La Gaillarde campus, Montpellier

Agro2010 is co-organized by Agropolis International, Montpellier Supagro, Cirad and Inra, in partnership with the French Association of Agronomy (AFA). This international event is organized jointly with the XI ESA congress (European Society of Agronomy), whose President is Jacques Wery, Director of the research unit System.

The objectives of AGRO2010 are to:

  • demonstrate the scientific coherence, ambitions and contribution of Agronomy as a science ;
  • work with other disciplines on the definition of new frontiers in interdisciplinary research, especially with Integrative Plant Biology, Soil and Hydrology, Ecology and Plant Protection, Economy and Social Sciences, Computer and Artificial Intelligence…;
  • make a scientific contribution to the burning questions of 2010 with regards to agriculture and its contribution to sustainable development and natural resource management. In addition to climate change and energy crops, it is likely that the co-existence of food and non food uses in farming systems or the design of “ecologically intensive” cropping systems will be among these burning questions in 2010;

  • discuss with farm advisors, technical institutes, stakeholders and decision makers how Agronomic Research can be made more operational to contribute to sustainable development;

  • attract more students and young scientists to work on the type of questions and with the type of approaches we develop in our research.



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