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Conference content of the 4th International Conference on Global Food Security (04-07/12/20) now available online

Conference content of the 4th International Conference on Global Food Security (04-07/12/20) now available online the 4th International Conference on Global Food Security held virtually on December 6-9, 2020 (brought together 920 participants from 75 countries), has addressed the topic of food security at all spatial levels from local to global, and from an interdisciplinary and systemic food systems perspective.

It has explored the environmental, nutritional, agricultural, demographic, socio-economic, political, technological and institutional drivers, costs and outcomes of current and future food security, as well as interactions with contextual factors including climate change, urbanisation, greening the economy and data-driven technologies. It has explored the state-of-the-art of interdisciplinary insight, trade-offs and synergies in transforming food systems, towards towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In January 2021, the Conference Scientific Committee published a statement summarizing the key scientific challenges as discussed by speakers and delegates in the conference.

The organisers had produced a Code of Conduct, acknowledging the legitimate interests of the different stakeholders of the conference, recognising that they are all part of a scientific endeavour to promote scientific knowledge sharing and to produce public goods on global food security. Today, the Conference Committee is pleased to announce that the commitment of making the content of the conference available for a wider audience has been honoured. In addition, a paper from the conference has been published in the Global Food Security journal: Statement based on the 4th international conference on global food security – December 2020: Challenges for a disruptive research Agenda and it has fairly been made free access by Elsevier.


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