Erick Buffier, Ifremer Méditerranée

Lionel Cavicchioli, Cirad


6,000 sqm2 dedicated to the aquaculture of today and tomorrow: MeDITERA, a marine hall for experimentation managed by Ifremer and Cirad


The station for aquaculture located in Palavas-les-Flots has been enriched with 4,000 sqm2 of renovated halls for aquaculture experimentation and 2,000 sqm2 of new outdoor platforms for the production of marine microalgae in open field.


This project has been carried out by Ifremer with the support of Cirad within the framework of Feder programme “Regional competitiveness and employment objective” (budget: 2,3 million euros).
MeDITERA stands for « MutualisatiOn Des InfrastrucTuRes aquacolEs RégionAles »; this pooling will enhance cooperation actions between the economic world, research and training areas by bringing them together around a valuable tool.
MeDITERA project is a dynamic approach to reinforce the regional capacity in the Languedoc-Roussillon in the R&D areas and practical training in aquaculture.
This platform includes :

  • A laboratory
  • Twenty four incubation ponds
  • An area dedicated to ecotoxicology
  • A unique component: experimental populations of living fish or cryopreserved fish
  • A room dedicated to tilapias and other species of interest for continental fish aquaculture in southern countries
  • Experimental outdoor production of marine microalgae



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Update on 10/20/15

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