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Creation of RéSEM -A Montpellier-based network of experimental greenhouses


RESEM Reseau des serres experimentales de Montpellier

Agropolis International member institutes have developed an experimental greenhouse
capacity (10 000 m2) to meet their scientific needs.

The objectives of this network are to provide training while structuring, coordinating and streamlining greenhouse activities at the different sites.

The network was founded in July 2013 by CIRAD, CNRS/CEFE, INRA, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro, and Université Montpellier 1.


This network gathers 80 people within the scientific community and aims at:

  • Leading a common policy for the use of the greenhouses together with improving infrastructures, for example by federating funding requests to sponsors, such as the request to the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the Regional Department for research and technology (DRRT) in 2012

  • Setting up specific training sessions, in particular with the private sector

  • Favouring the exchange of information about professional practices among greenhouses’managers through the use of a mailing list (

A network website (in French):

RéSEM - Professional Meeting: 1st December 2015 (8h30-18h) at Agropolis International, 1000 avenue Agropolis, Montpellier (France)





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