Project duration

2017 (april) - 2020


Project global budget: 4.1M€ (programme H2020/InnoSup - appel ‘Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains’)

Project specificity: 75% of the budget will be allocated to SMEfor the invested companies


Sabrina Deforge
Agropolis International

Eric Fargeas, Directeur
Agropolis International

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INCluSilver: Agropolis International is involved in a European project which aims at stimulating innovation within small and medium companies for personalised nutrition for the silver population.


Inclusilver consortium
The Agropolis International association is involved on behalf of its members, for a three-year period (2017-2020) within the INCluSilver European project.

This project, coordinated by the Swedish nutrition cluster (Skåne Food Innovation Network), gathers nine complementary stakeholders from Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary and France.

Kick-off meeting of the project, April 05, 2017, Brussels


INCluSilver aims at supporting the collaboration between actors belonging to different sectors in order to create the right conditions for generating and validating innovative ideas in the field of personalised nutrition for the silver population. Focus is made on innovation that have a great potential to reach the market.

The project particularly aims at:

  • Supporting the interactions and collaborations for small and medium companies to access the knowledge of emerging industrial sectors

  • Creating a network of small and medium companies at international and intersectorial level within the value chain of personalised nutrition in order to facilitate the sustainable creation of value

  • Supporting the emerging of innovative initiatives in the personalised nutrition field

  • Providing funding and support to small and medium companies with the setting and development of an innovation voucher system,

  • Facilitating the access to the market for the small and medium companies to operate their ideas in an efficient way,

Innovative ideas often come from the crossing of different sectors. This is the reason why this project involves different clusters belonging to the agro-food, health, ICT and creative industries sectors, to develop their capacity for launching new ideas.

Methodology :

The project will start with defining a strategy and doing a market study that aims at highlighting several challenges to be considered. The issue is to contribute to a personalised nutrition scheme to meet the needs of the silver population in their diversity.

In a second phase, the project will contribute to create a collaborative virtual environment associated to the setting of an innovation vouchers scheme. This is to create the right conditions for the companies and assist them in the maturation of ideas, marketing and internationalization. A special focus will be on intellectual property protection, one of the first slowdowns to collaborative innovation.

Finally, the setting of a services portfolio for companies will be mutualized between the stakeholders. It will respond to the needs expressed by the companies.

More information :

Presentation by the members of the project


The European partners of the project: a varied consortium made of complementary actors: clusters and technical operators
Organisation Country Website
Skane Food Innovation Network – SFIN (coordinateur du projet)

Sweden Site web
Asociación Clúster Alimentario de Galicia - CLUSAGA
Spain Site web
Distretto Agroalimentare Regionale scrl – D.A.Re. Puglia
Italy Site web
Aston University – Aston U
UK Site web
Danish Food Cluster
Denmark Site web
Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Challenge – NUI Galway
Ireland Site web
Corallia Clusters Initiative /Research Center Athena
Greece Site web
Hungary Site web
Agropolis International France Site web



INVITATION - SME/Start up from Food - Health - ICT - Creative industries: call for participation for the event INCluSilver ITNE (Innovation Training and Networking Event), 15/11/2017 (09h-17h), Budapest, Hungary

Agropolis International invites SMEs and start up to a networking session as part of the European INCluSilver project.

More than 50 European SMEs will come together to facilitate interactions and collaborations in order to generate innovations, whether technological, product or service innovations for the silver economy... Come and share your ideas and experiences with other European SMEs! BtoB will be organized. Travel expenses can be covered.

This session is organized as part of the European INCluSilver project aiming to stimulate innovation among SMEs in favor of personalized nutrition for senior citizens.

Indeed, given the aging population in Occitanie region (one in four inhabitants is over 60 years old), and subsequent increase of specific needs, personalized nutrition is perceived as a challenge that could contribute to health and well-being.

As a reminder, Agropolis International is engaged, on behalf of its members, for a three-year period (2017-2020) in this project.

Coordinated by ‘Skåne Food Innovation Network’, a Swedish Food Innovation Network, it brings together nine complementary partners in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary and France.

Contact: Sabrina Deforge, Agropolis International - Tel: +33 (0)6 82 93 17 68 -

Download the flyer about the ITNE event (in French)

Download the IncluSilver Project flyer


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Sabrina Deforge
Agropolis Internatinoal