Available budget: 3.5 M€ to support the functioning of the GSF

Project duration: 4 years (July 2015 to July 2019)


Project Secretariat:


Team Leader: Marti Van Liere


Administrative manager: Melanie Broin



Agrinatura EEIG has entrusted Agropolis International to host the Global Support Facility (GSF) for the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) initiative (2015-2019)

A project funded by the European Commission, DG DEVCO

Just published: Video of the First international meeting for the 10 countries involved in the "National Information Platforms for Nutrition" (NIPN) initiative (July 2018, Paris, France)

Teaser 1st NIPN Technical Gathering

The Global Support Facility (GSF) for the "National Information Platforms for Nutrition" (NIPN) initiative - managed by Agrinatura and hosted by Agropolis International – has organized the ‘first Technical Gathering’ of this large-scale and innovative project. This event brought together more than sixty participants, representatives of the NIPN national teams from ten countries: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Laos, Niger, Uganda, Zambia.

This three-day Global Technical Gathering of the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) was extremely valuable. It allowed all the 60+ participants from the 10 participating countries to feel part of a whole, created a common understanding of NIPN, enabled discussion of technical matters, implementation needs, opportunities and bottlenecks, and encouraged collaboration and sharing across countries. It allowed the NIPN Global Support Facility (GSF) to identify the most urgent needs for technical support in the coming year.

The most telling statistics in the final evaluation were that 77% of the participants felt their country NIPNs had been strengthened by the gathering, the same number believed the gathering had helped their teams to progress, and 90% went away feeling that they now know what the next steps are in their countries.

The NIPN initiative aims to support partner countries of the European Union and DFID (UK Department for International Development) that have joined the SUN movement, in the establishment of a nutrition information and analysis platform to better inform and guide multisectoral public policies for better nutrition.


The National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) initiative is part of an ambitious programme launched by the European Commission (EC) to fight malnutrition in the developing countries affected by this burden, with the objective of contributing to the global reduction in the incidence of stunting in alignment with target set for 2025 by the World Health Assembly and in support of the commitments of the EU Nutrition Action Plan.

Through this programme, the EC will support the establishment of National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPNs) in several developing countries in Africa and Asia having expressed interest in embarking in such a programme. The NIPN initiative is conceived as an approach to assist countries to strengthen their capacity to make the best use of existing national nutrition information, enabling them to make informed decisions about nutrition actions through efficient policies, programmes and resource allocation.

The EC has entrusted the Agrinatura EEIG (a consortium of major European universities and research centres involved in agricultural higher education and research for development) to run the Global Support Facility (GSF) in charge of fostering the implementation of NIPN in the pilot countries. Upon request from CIRAD and IRD, Agropolis International has been assigned by the Agrinatura EEIG to host the GSF on its premises and ensure its technical and financial management.


Web site of the NIPN project >> www.nipn-nutrition-platforms.org/

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