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The ARIMNet2 Transnational Joint Call 2014-15 officially opened on September 15

The objective of ARIMet2 is to promote synergies and develop international collaborations among Mediterranean countries in the field of agricultural research.

This Transnational Joint Call addresses the following issues:

1. Production systems and their components: to develop sustainable agricultural production with natural environmental conditions under severe ecological and climate constraints

2. Agrifood chains from production to commercialization: to enhance the specific assets of Mediterranean agriculture by developing products with high added value

3. Space, resources and territories: sustainable management of agricultural and environmental uses

The Consortium must include researchers from at least 3 member countries of ARIMNet2 (at least one UE country and one non-UE country).

The following countries will take part in the call:
Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Croatia, Israel, Morocco, Slovenia.

Download the guidelines for applicants >>

Submission of proposals before 1st December 2014

ARIMNet2 is a network of funding organizations and national and international research institutions promoting the coordination of research activities and identifying joint research programmes among the countries of the Mediterranean area.

The project is coordinated by INRA.

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ARIMNet and ARIMNet2 are ERA-Net programmes supported and funded by the 7th framework programme from 2008
The current second phase of ARIMNet runs from 2014 to 2017

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