International cooperation with Croatia

In March 2013 the Hérault Departmental Council renewed a cooperation agreement with the Split-Dalmatia region, covering rural tourism, local produce, integrated management of fishing and shellfish farming, development of business to business trade and technical assistance in the field of setting up European projects. Agropolis International has long been involved beside the Hérault Departmental Council to bring up scientific expertise into its international cooperation actions, when needed.


In this context, Agropolis International supports the Local Action Group (LAG) Convivencia, carried by the local authorities of Pays Cœur d’Hérault, in its cooperation project with the LAG Skoji in Croatia, covering the territories of the islands of Vis and Hvar.

This projects also involves scientific expertise from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (Ciheam-IamM). The aim is to define a framework for analysis and joint actions focusing on promoting local resources (medicinal and aromatic plants, agropastoral and wine products) and to determine themes common to both French and Croatian regions. The project aims to encourage innovation and the creation of high added value projects, measured in terms of contribution to the preservation of cultural spaces and biodiversity in general.

Enterprises in both regions (producers, cooperatives, businesses, etc) are willing to be involved and will be approached and encouraged to take part in discussions and share their experiences and practices (production, processing and promotion).

The operational objectives of the cooperation project are:

  • To draw up a systematic inventory of initiatives and innovations for sustainable rural development in the two LAGs by producing a joint analysis and assessment of the problems of agricultural and natural spaces in the Mediterranean in the face of economic hardship
  • To use this analysis as a basis for setting up a common reference for the use of the heritage, agrobiodiversity and protection and preservation of cultural landscapes
  • To share experience and knowledge on common themes related to exploiting the products of agropastoralism, aromatic and medicinal plants and other typical local products using clearly defined local strategies
  • To encourage technology exchange and cooperation between local organisations (cooperatives, producers, secondary / manufacturing sector) in the two regions, to encourage the transfer of technology and savoir-faire, or set up joint actions
  • These actions should lead to joint proposals for the 2014-2020 programme

Past events

October 19-23, 2014 : A delegation of scientists of Agropolis International community, was visiting Split

Field trip to Croatia, October 2013
A technical mission to Croatia (October 2013) established initial contact with organisations (local councillors and officials in Dalmatia - economics, development and European integration), scientists (research scientists and technicians in the Split Adriatic Institute of Agriculture and the Economics Faculty of Split University), businesses (cooperatives and producers of aromatic and medicinal plants) and local action groups (LAG).

Training offer
Master’s degree internship proposal from April to September 2014



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