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Total budget : 4 millions d'euros

Agropolis budget : 1 million d'euros


Echel-Eau final conference (december 2009, Niger)


Tools for integrated water resources management: implementation in Limpopo, Mekong and Niger basins - ECHEL-Eau project 2005-2010

In 2005, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs decided that Agropolis International would be the executive project manager of this project. The objective of the project is to encourage collaborations between French research institutes and Southern partners in order to contribute to a better water management―in particular agricultural water use― by integrating the effects of climatic changes

Involvement of France in the Challenge Programme 'Water & Food'

The ECHEL-Eau project is embedded in the Challenge Programme Water & Foodof the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) , that is coordinated by the International l'International Water Management Institute. This program which aims at improving water productivity in agriculture by associating research, dissemination and training includes a major part dedicated to the integrated management of water resources.

Three trans-border basins were chosen as study sites: the Limpopo and Mekong, which are two CPWF benchmark basins, and the Niger basin which is subject to a strong commitment from France.

Objective of the project: to develop tools to analyse and structure the knowledge on water resource in order to facilitate decision making processes.

The project is funded by the FSP Fonds de Solidarité Prioritaireof the French Foreign and European Affairs Ministry. It represents a total amount of 4 million euros for 4 years.

  •  to  analyse  biophysical processes at stake

  • to  assess   hydraulic constructions and their management rules

  • to  identify  the concerned decision processes and institutional schemes, in order to develop relevant decision tools that can be applied at different space and time scales

Three components out of which two components are implemented by Agropolis International

The ECHEL-Eau project is based on three funding components. One component, managed by IWMI, supports research activities through a targeted contribution to the CPWF competitive funds.

Seven research projects were accepted by the CPWF on the three basins
  • Wetland-based livelihoods in Limpopo basin:balancing social welfare and environmental security
  • Models for implementing multiple-use water supply systems for enhanced land and water productivity, rural livelihoods and gender equity
  • Companion modeling for resilient water management:stakeholders' perceptions of dynamics and collective learning at the catchment scale
  • Rice landscape management for raising water productivity,conserving resources and improving Livelihoods in upper catchments of the Mekong and Red Rivers
  • Inter-disciplinary research on Mekong water governance at multiple levels to enhance participatory water governance from local watershed to regional levels
  • BFP Niger
  • Improving resilience in small-scale fisheries



Two other components implemented by Agropolis International aim at supporting

  • the preparation of projects on the Niger basin followed by the promotion of the results of the research projects conducted on the three basins
  • the development of capacity building for the Southern partners

Achievements for these components:

The 3 basins

  • Limpopo
  • Mékong
  • Niger

Bassin du Limpopo


4 countries concerned: South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe - 413 000 km2 - 214 millions inhabitants

Accepted projects:
Multiple water use
Wetlands, social welfare and environmental security

Contact :
Jean-Marie Fritsch :


Bassin du Mékong


6 countries concerned: Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam - 795 000 km2 -65 million inhabitants

Accepted projects:
Upper catchment rice landscape management
Companion modeling and water dynamics
Enhancing multiscale Mekong water governance

Contact :
Christophe Le Page :

Bassin du Limpopo


9 countries concerned: Benin, Burkina, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad
1 471 000 km2 - 84 million inhabitants

Accepted projects:
Basin Focal Project (BFP)-Niger : Analysis of agricultural water productivity and water/poverty relationships
Improving resilience in small-scale fisheries

Contact : Bruno Barbier :



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