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ABC Network The european network of clusters in
agro-biotechnologies (ABC Network 2005-2008)

Agropolis International Association has taken part in the ABC-Network financed in the framework of a Specific Support Action of the EC General Direction "Enterprise and Industry"


This project had a duration of 3 years (december 2005 to August 2008); it gathered partners focusing on biotechnology transfer and innovation in the fields of agriculture and agro-food sector; it aimed at launching, suppporting and promoting the clusters under construction.

Four main objectives:

This project has allowed to initiate an original process leading to various further projects. The next research themes result directly from the critical points and lessons that were identified in common. The network has become the hard core of a larger group of european clusters dealing with ABC-Network major themes.

  • to develop long term co-operations between clusters related to biotechnologies applied to agriculture and the agro-food sector
  • to promote and facilitate the development of joint projects between the clusters and their partners with the support of clusters of excellence at world level that were involved in the project
  • to issue and disseminate a guide of good practices for the present clusters and the clusters to be, related to the same issues
  • To create a sustainable ABC network


  • a good knowledge of each cluster partner as regards research potential, economic development, governance or services offered to the members
  • strong relationships between Montpellier and Milan regarding research projects and collaborations between the business innovation centres of the 2 cities
  • documents on good practices in the framework of the innovation process in agriculture and food
  • the development of partnerships with 3 other networks of clusters: two of them from Europe INNOVA (Enfi and Netbioclue)and another one, Fine, located in Wageningen (the Netherlands)
  • a document on strategic recommendations for the creation and management of clusters focusing on agriculture and agro-biotechnologies.



Project partners
Parc Padano (coordinator) Lodi, Italia
Finlombardia Spa Milan, Italia
Agrobiopole Wallon ABSL Gembloux, Belgium
Agropolis International
Montpellier, France
Bourg en Bresse, France
Oslo Teknopol Oslo, Norway
South Great Palin Regional Development Agency Szeged, Hungary
Lacave Allemand et Associés Montpellier, France



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Eric Fargeas
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 37 44

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