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Overal budget: 708 k€ of which 566.4 k€ financed by European Union

Budget managed by Agropolis International : 170 k€


Eric Fargeas
Tel: +33 (0)4 67 04 37 44

Chantal Salson
Tel: +33 (0)4 67 04 75 49

Véronique Planchot

Sabrina Deforge

Elise Jalliet

Other persons involved

Guillaume Baud &
Frédéric Mens
Montpellier SupAgro

Nicolas Nguyen-The

Valérie de Saint Vaulry &
Robert Laplace
Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

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European Project "Feeding the planet – European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage" (2012-2014)


28 OCT.   2014
29 OCT.   2014

A European World Class Cluster (WCC): Final seminar of the European project “Feeding The Planet – European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage (2012-2014) – Milan (Italy)

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Feeding The Planet –– European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage from biofoodcluster on Vimeo.

Feeding The Planet –– European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage - Long version from biofoodcluster on Vimeo.


USA mission in September (Week 37) in the area of Illinois, Chicago and Californy - For further information, contact Eric Fargeas, or the persons in charge of the organization of the US Mission (Véronique Planchot, Sabrina Deforge)


In this project, 3 European clusters in the field of agriculture, agro-food and agro-biotechnologies –Milan, Montpellier, Wageningen- gather their skills to set up a European World Class Cluster. The objective is to promote a joint offer at the international level for clusters in Brazil, Chile, the USA and India


The project started on November 1st, 2012 for two years.

Objectives : fostering partnerships connecting the European World Class Cluster with the clusters in the targeted countries.
The project started on 1st November 2012 for 2 years; it is funded by the EC General Direction "Enterprise and Industry", in the framework of Initiative Europe Innova CIP program (Competitiveness and Innovation framework Program).
This project provides continuity to the European project Network of European Agro Biotech Clusters (ABC Network 2005-2008) funded by the same Direction, which enabled, on the one hand to set up a network at European scale and, on the other hand, to draw up several documents on the barriers and good practices related to the innovation process in agriculture and food as well as strategic recommendations for the setting up and management of clusters focusing on agricultural and agro-biotechnologies issues.




The project aims at fostering cooperation between European clusters with a view to internationalization strategies outside Europe.
The purpose is to develop joint strategies for the development of partnerships at the international level in the framework of a cluster policy. This action concerns the 3 pillars of the cluster’s triple propeller, namely research and training organizations, innovative companies (in agriculture, agro-food and agro-biotechnologies sectors) and local authorities.

  • Joint promotion and valuation of skills within the 3 clusters in partnership (agriculture, cattle breeding, aquaculture, health and food…) and for potential funders (World Bank, IDB, ADB and EBRD, Union agencies)
  • Development of inter-clusters and inter-companies collaborations at the international level essentially for the benefit of innovative European companies in the 3 regions involved and similar companies in the targeted countries: the USA, Brazil, Chile and India.
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The project includes 4 « work packages » (WP)

WP1: Mapping of key-actors for innovation in targeted countries

  • Have an exhaustive and updated vision of existing and future clusters in order to select those which might be of interest for sustainable collaborations
  • The same approach will be used for the sector related to companies: the BICs (Business and Innovation Centre), scientific parks, incubators… and for the research and training sector

WP2: Inventory and promotion of expertise skills in the European world class clusters (Milan, Wageningen, Montpellier)

  • Designing a website to provide detailed presentation of skills and expertise fields
  • Identification of programs and funding lines in the Horizon 2020 in adequacy with the original approach “Feeding the planet”
  • Identification of the world-class cluster needs in order to draw up a joint internalization strategy.

WP3: Development of commercial opportunities and partnerships between companies

  • Meetings aiming at building up original strategies to develop partnerships and synergies between innovative companies and SME of the European cluster (WCC) with the clusters in the targeted countries
  • Create a database on companies and intermediate organizations and an original web tool to develop business opportunities

WP4: Evaluation and capitalization

Project partners
Coordinator Location
Regione Lombardia Italy
Three partners invited


Parco Tecnologico Padano Lodi, Italy
Agropolis International
Montpellier, France
Economic development agency in the Eastern region of the Netherlands and the Food Valley Wageningen, Netherland


The following organizations, members of Agropolis International, are also involved :

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Qualiméditerranée, Montpellier SupAgro (IRC)

Past events

June 20th, 2014 : Regional steering committee

April 09, 2014 : Opportunities for scientific, technical and commercial collaborations with Brazil
More information (in French) >>

March 18th, 2014 : Regional steering committee

January 30th,2014 :Partners meeting

November 04-08, 2013 : Mission to Chile
Download the press release >>

October 28 - November 1st, 2013 : Mission to Brazil in the states of Sao Paulo et du Minas Gerais

October 18, 2013 : Steering Committee Meeting, Agropolis International, Montpellier

October 8, 2013 : ANUGA Trade Fair (The world´s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market), Cologne, Deutchland

2th July 2013 : Partners meeting - WP1, Montpellier, France

26th May - 2th June 2013 : Study trip to India

07th March 2013 : Partners meeting

Report on WP1 Brussels (Belgium)

Lancement du projet Feeding the Planet 13th-14th December 2012 : Kick off meeting, Milan (Italy)

From left to right:
Eric Fargeas, Agropolis International (France)
Fabrizio Trigila, Parco tecnologico Padano (Italy)
Paul Luu, Agropolis International (France)
Cristina Pellegrino, Regione Lombardia (Italy)
Chantal Salson, Agropolis International (France)
Martine Boetje, Oostnv (The Netherlands)
Maria Carla Ambrosini, Regione Lombardia (Italy)
Daniela Brioschi, Regione Lombardia (Italy)
Gianluca Carenzo, Parco tecnologico Padano (Italy)
Linze Rijswijk, Oostnv (The Netherlands)


Update on 5/01/15

Eric Fargeas
Tél. : +33 (0)4 67 04 37 44

Chantal Salson
Tel: +33 (0)4 67 04 75 49

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