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Overall budget: 4,5 M€ of which 3,9 M€ financed by European Union

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Towards sustainable food research (2011-2013)

Agropolis International is involved in the European project INPROFOOD : "Towards sustainable food research".

INPROFOOD project is funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013). It took off on 1st of November 2011 and will run for a total of three years, concluding in November 2014.

INPROFOOD aims to find new ways to establish dialogue and mutual learning between industry, academia and civil society


  • After carrying a second and a third series of participative workshops (European Awareness Scenario Workshops), including one in June 2013 in Montpellier, France, the raw results of the 13 countries have been published on
  • Besides, a large participative event on “How can we shape the future of research in food and health?” gathered around 100 participants of all kinds on the 15th of November 2013 in Brussels.
    This Open Space Conference is a specific method fostering the free expression of every participant. The objective is to identify the most important topics in a defined domain, underlining the consensus points but also pointing out the discordances.
  • A game called PlayDecide and focusing on “Healthy diet and lifestyle” has been developed and used among 17 sessions around Europe, adding up 3000 teenager gamers.
    Thanks to this reflection and discussion tool, the participants were able to identify food & health related societal stakes, and share their daily life concerns, while offering innovative and practical solutions. Example: “Labels should include information on how much exercise you have to do to burn off the calories consumed”
  • The 35 participative workshops, together with the Open Space Conference and the PlayDecide game sessions, have generated a huge amount of data.
    We are currently analysing these data in order to draw trends, about both hot topics to be addressed in food & health research, and governance systems to be developed for research projects.
    These results, mostly qualitative, will be relayed to the European Commission and to the European office of the World Health Organisation.
    The latest is setting up a collaborative workshop with various types of stakeholders in Copenhagen on the 26th and 27th of May.
    The aim is to define the action plan for next years in the food and health domain. The results coming from the Inprofood project will be part of this process.

Aims and objectives

  • promoting bottom-up development of concepts (processes and structure) of societal engagement in food and health research;
  • investigating current processes and structures in the area of food and health in both private and public research sectors and the role ‘Public Engagement in Research’ takes in these sectors;
  • developing stakeholder engagement programs both at national and European levels,
  • stimulating the adoption of concrete initiatives of societal engagement in food and health research already in the course of the project by forming an action plan that draws insights from various workshops;
  • improving the current methodology used in Science in Society (SiS) projects through evaluation of the methodology implemented during the planned project in relation to its objectives and expected impacts;
  • keeping the target audience and wider audience informed regarding the advances of the project by continuously disseminating relevant information using various communication tools and channels; and
  • additionally supporting and complementing existing FP7 programmes KBBE and HEALTH through establishing cooperations with approved projects and implementing joint activities.

7 Work packages (WP)

  • Mapping current processes of research programming in the area of food and health (WP 1)
  • Participatory needs assessment, engagement and mobilization (wp 2)
  • Mobilising stimulus, ideas and initiatives for CSO-research partnerships through a European Open Space Conference (WP 3)
  • Action plan development (WP 4)
  • Evaluation (WP 5)
  • Communication and Dissemination strategy (WP 6)
  • Management and Coordination (WP 7)


Past events

14th - 15th October 2014 : Final INPROFOOD Conference in Copenhagen on “Food Research, Stakeholder involvement and Public Health"

More about the final Inprofood Conference >>

15th November 2012 : First workshop, to gather stakeholders of the food-health issue at national level, Paris

Within the project framework, about forty workshops will be organized on the whole European Union territory, in three series. Agropolis International handles their organization in France. This set of workshops constitutes the beginning of a participative process leading to the elaboration of global recommendations, which will be transmitted to the European Union at the end of the project.

20 to 30 representatives of different stakeholders (scientists, public authorities, associations, syndicates, professionals and companies, etc.) were identified in response to a process of selection including an inventory of the various actors involved and an impartial drawing.
More informations >>

This workshop aims to generate and confront new ideas about possible ways for civil society to take part in the programming of research. During a whole day, the participants will be able to exchange opinions, interests, concerns, experiences and wishes, and to develop alternative solutions to implement their view on research programming taking into account the societal needs.



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