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Scientific coordination :

Sandra Ardoin-Bardin (IRD),
Nicolas Arnaud (CNRS),
Sophie Boutin (UM)
Jean-Luc Chotte (IRD),
Philippe Jarne (CNRS)
Pascal Kosuth (Agropolis Fondation)
Philippe Lebaron (UPMC)
Éric Servat (IRD)

Agropolis International :

Mélanie Broin

The Dossiers d’Agropolis International series is a deliverable of Agropolis International that is produced within the scope of its mission to promote expertise of the scientific community.

Each Dossier is devoted to a broad scientific theme, and includes a clear overview that is a ready reference for all laboratories and teams associated with Agropolis International that are conducting research on the target theme.


"les dossiers d'Agropolis International"

(n° 20 - February 2015- 88 pages)


"Climate change : impact and adaptation"

climate change thematique file agropolis internationalScientific coordination :
Sandra Ardoin-Bardin (IRD), Nicolas Arnaud (CNRS), Sophie Boutin (UM), Jean-Luc Chotte (IRD), Philippe Jarne (CNRS), Pascal Kosuth (Agropolis Fondation), Philippe Lebaron (UPMC), Éric Servat (IRD)

Agropolis International Coordination: Mélanie Broin

This Dossier showcases research structures based in
Languedoc-Roussillon Region whose activities are
focused on addressing challenges encountered in
studies on climate change impacts and adaptations :

Scientific research carried out by the regional research stakeholders on climate change impacts and adaptations is very broad in scope. This Dossier,
which is far from being comprehensive- aims to give readers an overview of this research by highlighting the stakeholders involved and giving a few practical examples of their research activities. These are presented under four major themes:

Climate change & resources, territories and development

Climate change & biodiversity and ecosystems (Biodiversity and continental ecosystems, Biodiversity and marine ecosystems)

Climate change & interactions between organisms

Climate change & agricultural and livestock production systems

Agropolis International members also offer a broad range of diploma training-education courses (2-8 years of higher education) in which the climate change issue is taken into account in the light of the most recent advanced research on the topic.
The list of training and education courses is available online (

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Foreword by Bernard Hubert, President of Agropolis International

Topics covered by the research teams

List of agronyms and abbreviations


Climate Change Impact and Adaptation




These thematic directories provide a global and easy to consult presentation of the laboratories, teams and research units of all the Agropolis intitutes involved in the given issue. They also provide information on the wide range of training sessions available.

One of the objectives of the series is to facilitate contacts for the development of exchanges and technical and scientific cooperations by a wider promotion of the community skills.



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