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Eric Fargeas

Director of Agropolis International


The Agropolis International association collaborates with stakeholders in innovation and economic development

Developing interfaces between the scientific community and stakeholders in economic development and innovation

Relying on the recognition gained by the Agropolis cluster’s international agreements to give stakeholders in economic development and innovation access to new international opportunities and to the research and development networks in which the Association is present.

Thus, Agropolis International is committed to the construction of a Montpellier-based research and development cluster on agricultural, agrifood and environmental issues that interfaces with the regional innovation ecosystem, and to forging links with other European and international clusters, either already existing (in Europe and the United States) or those whose emergence it is supporting (south shore of the Mediterranean, Brazil).


With its regional and international partners, the Association responds to calls for proposals in line with its actions seeking rapprochement between academia and economic stakeholders.

A platform open to innovation stakeholders

Agropolis International seeks to forge links to stakeholders in the regional innovation ecosystem


scientific establishments’ technology enhancement and transfer services




Participation in the Regional Advisory Committee on Technological Research and Development (CCRRDT)

Facilitation of an Occitanie region working group on bioresources: inventory of bioresources in the region with a view to making public policy recommendations

More about the CCRRDT



Agropolis Science Park

Agropolis International collaborates with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole on the management of Agropolis Science Park. The aim is to improve service quality and increase the number of startups

About Agropolis Science Park

As of today, a staff of about 400 is working within the Park, at lot of companies and organizations.

Catalysing international cooperation for economic development

Current projects


European project INCluSilver (April 2017- 2020) : Agropolis International is involved in a European project aimed at stimulating innovation within small and medium companies to provide the “silver” population (senior citizens) with personalized nutrition.

This project, coordinated by the Swedish nutrition cluster (Skåne Food Innovation Network), brings together nine complementary stakeholders from Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary and France.


Cooperation between Brazilian organizations and Montpellier institutions supporting a cluster in Campinas, "Agropolo"

The Agropolis International association is pursuing its actions aimed at guiding the structural development of the Brazilian agricultural science community. The actions undertaken consist mainly of scientific collaborations, collaborations between technology parks and incubators, and cluster mentoring.


Following on from the projects:

Feeding the planet – European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage (2012-2014),
HighTech Europe
-Identification of key technologies and research/industry links in agrifood at the European level (2009–2013) and
ABC Network - Integration into European networks of agro-biotech clusters (2006–2008),

The Agropolis International association is pursuing its cooperative approach with other clusters at the world level in order to consolidate its collaborative arrangements and continue its strategy of internationalization for the benefit of regional SMEs.

Hosting innovative projects for economic stakeholders                                                   


Given the numerous links Agropolis International maintains with innovation stakeholders both at the regional and the international level, it seeks to participate in setting up and delivering projects aimed at meeting the needs expressed by economic stakeholders.



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