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An overview of training and education opportunities

At the heart of the scientific community of Montpellier and the Occitanie area lies a comprehensive training system in the subjects of agriculture, food, biodiversity and the environment, provided by higher education and research institutions that are members of Agropolis International.


A comprehensive higher education system to meet the needs of students and professionals with a large range of levels, themes and career prospects.

Courses listed by admission level, degree, theme.

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Agronomy, Cultivated Plants and Cropping Systems
courses on agronomy, cultivated plants and cropping systems

Animal Production and Health
courses on animal production and health

Biodiversity and Aquatic Ecosystems
courses on biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems

Biodiversity and Land Ecosystems
courses on biodiversity and land ecosystems

Economics, Societies and Sustainable Development
courses on economics, societies and sustainable development

Environmental technologies
courses on environmental technologies

Food : Nutritional and Health aspects
courses on food : nutritional and health aspects

Genetic Resources and Integrative Plant Biology
courses on genetic resources and integrative plant biology

Grapevine and Wine, regional specific supply chain
courses on grapevine and wine

Host-vector-parasite Interactions and Infectious Diseases
courses on host-vector-parasite interactions and infectious diseases

Modelling, spatial information, biostatistics
courses on modelling, spatial information, biostatistics

Water:resources and management
courses on water:resources and management

Continuing training

A set of continuing courses for professionals, open to international students include sessions that can be attended either in Montpellier or in Southern countries.

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MOOCs including the participation of scientists who belong to the Agropolis member institutions involved in “Agriculture Food Biodiversity Environment” issues

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International Network in rural and agricultural training (FAR)International Network in rural and agricultural training (FAR)

Founded in 2005 at French initiative, the international network FAR assembles stakeholders involved in vocational training systems aimed at rural development in Southern countries. Its issues are related to professional training of rural population in order to fight against poverty and hunger.

Agropolis International hosts the headquarters of the International Network in rural and agricultural training.

Main activities :

  • - Information dissemination
  • - Collective knowledge building up

FAR website



Electronic library on rural and agricultural courses (in French)

In partnership with the FAR network, Agropolis published an electronic library on rural and agricultural courses and on training system engineering (2005-2011).

Consult the archives

The new selection of information on the FAR website



ICRAICRA (International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture) professional capacity strengthening programmes

Founded in 1981 by some members of the GCRAI (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) ICRA aims to stimulate rural innovation in the South by strengthening the abilities of people and organisations in research, education and development.

It has also evolved from mainly core programmes in Wageningen and Montpellier to more tailor-made in-country programmes, in collaboration with international partner education and R&D organizations.

ICRA’s headoffice and english program are hosted by Wageningen International (Netherlands .The French program is hosted by Montpellier SupAgro - Institut des Régions Chaudes on the Agropolis Campus.

Icra website


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